An analysis of the cultural phenomenon selfie

My mom did have a point or two, but it was the era of the selfie. Whether those MySpace shots captured melodramatic teenage angst or glamour fun or autumn joy yes, I did take a picture of myself in a pile of leavesthe selfie surely made its presence known. It can be found on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. It was the highlight of the Oscars via Ellen Degeneres.

An analysis of the cultural phenomenon selfie

Cropped and rotated Gender and age profiles per city Case by case inspection of photos can reveal a lot of detail, but it is difficult to quantify the patterns observed. Do New Yorkers or Berliners look older?

Here are the results: Smile distributions by gender and city We can also the determine the facial expressions of the selfies in a city — who smiles the most, and who has more reserved looks?

Do angry people tilt their heads more strongly? And what is a characteristic mood for people in Moscow? For these, we asked Mechanical Turk workers the simple question "Does this photo shows a single selfie"?

We then selected top photos for each city i.

What do we know about selfies?

We submitted these photos to Mechanical Turk again, asking three "master workers" i. On the resulting set of selfie images, we ran automatic face analysis, supplying us with algorithmic estimations of eye, nose and mouth positions, the degrees of different emotional expressions, etc.

As the final step, one or two members of the project team examined all these photos manually. While most photos were tagged correctly, we found some mistakes. We wanted to keep the data size the same to make visualizations comparableso our final set contains selfie photos for every city.

Selfie as a cultural phenomenon - Music, art and TV show

Significantly more women In every city we analyzed, there are significantly more women selfies than men selfies from 1. Moscow is a strong outlier - here, we have 4.

Most people in our photos are pretty young Bangkok is the youngest city Surprisingly, more older men post selfies on Instagram than women. Bangkok, Sao Paulo are all smiles Our mood analysis revealed that you can find lots of smiling faces in Bangkok 0.

People taking selfies in Moscow smile the least only 0.

An analysis of the cultural phenomenon selfie

Sao Paulo is most extreme - there, the average head tilt for females is Theory and reflection How can history of photography help to better understand selfies phenomena?

How can we approach theoretically social media images in general? The Selfie phenomenon should be viewed in the light of history of photography as a sub-genre of self-portraiture and as a new subject of vernacular photography studies as well as treated as a side product of technological developments that have led to the easy availability of image-making devices and image-sharing platforms.

Imagined Data Communities Nadav Hochman, University of Pittsburgh Writing about media interface presentations and their relation to larger cultural trends is tricky.

Different elements are constantly added, changed or removed, new services are frequently developed and released to public use, and new technologies capture the imaginations of many.

Within this flux, what can we say about social photography in particular and contemporary image productions in general, that is not confined to the characteristics of one platform or another? Can we identify overarching processes that cross platforms and are destined to change the way we interact with images?

Feminist Media Theory Looks at Selfiecity Elizabeth Losh, University of California, San Diego As large-scale media visualizations from the Selfiecity database of images shot in five cities on four continents indicate, the selfie has become a truly transnational genre that is as much about placemaking as it is about the narrowcasting of particular faces and bodies.

At the same time, the scholarly literature around this specific form of self-representation through closely distant mobile photography has struggled to keep up with theorizing emergent new media practices that utilize lenses, screens, mirrors, and armatures in novel ways and generate compositions with distinctive framing and posing that mark belonging to selfie taxonomies.While selfie posting is not age or gender specific, women – and particularly young women – appear in a greater number of photos and are tagged more frequently.

Oct 20,  · But it’s far too simplistic to write off the selfie phenomenon. We are swiftly becoming accustomed to — and perhaps even starting to prefer — online conversations and interactions that.

Our selves at our best?

In this fascinating examination of the cultural phenomenon of selfies, art critic Alicia Eler interrogates selfies from all angles--personal, intimate, artistic, and political. She unfolds the nuances, complexities, and contradictions of what many (including this reader) may have assumed to be a rather straight-forward topic.5/5(11).

Kardashian Culture: ‘Selfishness’ Without a Self. That’s the usual conservative analysis of this kind of phenomenon: Which brings . Home» Blog» The Phenomenon of the Selfie. The Phenomenon of the Selfie. By Lauren Suval ~ 2 min read. So, what is it? Why has the selfie become such a phenomenon?

CULTURE OF THE SELFIE: SELF-REPRESENTATION IN CONTEMPORARY VISUAL CULTURE ANA PERAICA. CULTURE OF (Cultural Necrophilia and Cultural Necrophobia) Visualizing Death as online phenomenon has provoked new theoretical and practical projects. One of them. Fascinating review of the selfie phenomenon and self images in social media including our ever expanding loss of privacy. The book is well written and an interesting combination of scholarly research, personal experience and outspoken opinion. Eler also shines when it comes to art and pop-cultural analysis-- she highlights artists who use. To study the phenomenon in different cities around the world, the SelfieCity team needed to gather enough selfies to form what they called the “aggregate face of .

Perhaps it serves as a. Penicillin, war, atomic, astronaut, AIDS were the most significant words of the previous century. Meanwhile, the word ¨selfie¨ can be in a list of trend words of the 21 st century.

It´s more than a cultural phenomenon, it´s a huge market for innovative ideas.

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