Anthonys dilemma story response

Anthonys Dilemma digital story Due Date: Day 5 [Individual] forum View the digital story located on aXcess at. In this story an Axia student describes how he offended a classmate by not using the writing principle of inclusive language during discussion in his class forum.

Anthonys dilemma story response

Guests Posted 13 July - They contacted an anti-cult group headed by Rick Ross to try and help get the son back. The young monk was blessed to give his side of the story, which is available online.

I can't find the link now, but when I do I'll post it here. Rick Ross also has a site with the parent's side of the conflict. I think it merely amounts to a collision of American culture and Athonite monasticism.

From my experience, the way that young Nikos became monk is most inappropriate way and certainly most un-Orthodox.

The current message has some comments about the interview of monk Father Theologos, as it is presented in the above link. So, my comments are not based on any other information and may be unjust in case this interview is misprinted.

At that time Nikos was In the interview young monk says that: I told him I was thinking about becoming a monk or priest, I wanted to serve the church in some manner. I told him that I felt a strong draw to that, that that was how I wanted to lead my life.

And it was really quick, the response. It wasn't a half hour indoctrination or brainwashing or anything like that.

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What he said was, "the only way you'll know is to go to Arizona and try it out. Try it out doesn't mean we're going to put the shackles on you.

Anthonys dilemma story response

He made clear from the beginning that it was a choice. Try it out, and see how the monastic life fits you, and that's how you know. I asked about being a priest, he said, you can be a priest at the monastery possibly. But that of course is a special calling too.

After the first visit I went there again during the following Fifteen Days of August, for a week or so of it before the Feast of the Dormition, and that was real nice and I really hated leaving because I just felt so spiritually at ease and so much spiritual rest, so to speak, that I didn't want to leave.

I'd work at whatever jobs they asked me to do, do some shopping for them, whatever. I really felt 'at home. Nikos says in his interview: As his parents were objecting his decision, he says that: It's the proper age to make the decision, in fact, not too young and not too old.

It needs to be pointed out also that when someone is 18 in America and most countries they are old enough to join the army. Some of the points my parents bring up about cults, you find the same things practiced in the army--indoctrination, physical hardship, strict obedience. And here I'm physically safe.

If I get sick, I get a doctor, I can eat to satiety, here I have all the comforts, central heating and cooling.

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In the army any day you can get sent off to kill or be killed. That's not going to save your soul though. It's a big life choice. If someone says a young adult is too young at 18 they are also criticizing American law that says a young adult at 18 years is old enough to make their own life choices.

As you can see from my earlier story I had a lot of zeal and desire, I wanted to live a spiritual life, but I was never quite satisfied. I had a really deep thirst for living the full Orthodox Christian spiritual life, and the only place it was really satisfied was the monastery, living the monastic life with the other monks.

Anthonys dilemma story response

So there wasn't really a decision made, it just felt so good to be there I didn't want to leave, I didn't even think about leaving. It was suggested several times by my parents, and by the devil in my thoughts, but I knew this was the place.Jun 09,  · Assignment: Communicating in Forums View the Anthony’s Dilemma story at Write a to word essay in which you do - Answered by a verified Writing Tutor.

GEN Complete Course Week 1 CheckPoint: Distance Learning I Due Date: Day 3 [post to the Individual forum] Post a to word response to Endless possibilities. Buy or sell anything downloadable. Upload products Arts and Crafts.

Anthonys Dilemma digital story. Due Date: Day 5 [Individual] forum. Anthonys Dilemma Story response After reading your discussion question answer, I have to agree with your classmates about it sounding sexist. You wrote you’re posting the same way you would talk to another person face to face.

Page 1 of 3 - St Anthonys Greek Orthodox Monastery - posted in Specific monasteries: Does anyone have any information on the Greek Orthodox Monastery in Florence, Arizona.

They were founded from Mt. Athos by Elder Ephraim. Some have accused that this monastery is a cult. Does anyone have any ideas on this? Love and blessings, Vladimir.

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