Ashford 6 eng 125 week 5 final paper

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Ashford 6 eng 125 week 5 final paper

The mission of the Communication and Media Department CMD is to develop Spirit-empowered, competent, and ethical communication professionals in media, interpersonal, organizational, educational, and public environments.

Courses in the Communication and Media Department are designed for students desiring 1 general cultural background in communication and media; 2 a strong foundation for graduate work; 3 foundational preparation for a career in the media; 4 certification for teaching, and 5 ancillary preparation for communication-related careers such as the ministry, law, politics, public relations, sales management, and various areas of human resources development.

The departments offers programs for students interested in journalism, media, cinema, teaching speech and numerous other academic fields. The communication major purposes to 1 develop skills in interviewing, listening, public speaking, problem solving, conference leadership, seminar development, systems analysis, and in-house communication consulting; 2 provide a base for a broad range of career opportunities in human communications, which focus on human resource development, organizational development, communication management, public relations, and sales; and 3 prepare students for study in speech communication, interpersonal or organizational communication management, and human resource development graduate programs.

This degree can be completed in three years by following the degree-in-three plan sheet. More information is available from the Communication, Arts, and Media Department. This program examines mass media in popular culture focusing on the industries of film, television, and interactive media.

Media is an ever-changing language that can reflect our culture but also construct and reshape it. New technologies continually impact our ability to capture, express, and share stories through different digital venues. This major focuses on the study of the language of film and storytelling while developing the skill sets of digital movie-making, scripting, lighting, videography, sound capture, foley, audio mixing, visual editing, and effects.

The media immersive junior and senior years encourage students to develop needed skills while pursuing their passion with diligence.

Ashford 6 eng 125 week 5 final paper

Media workshops in newspaper, magazine, TV and radio are also offered for hands-on news media experiences. Students graduating from this program are well prepared to enter najor market news media and make a difference in the world.

Students choosing this major engage in theory, industry best practices, hands-on learning and client projects which help hone their God-given gifts and realize their dreams through interdisciplinary courses in: Students learn to write journalistically and persuasively across media platforms; they develop a confident, professional voice for interpersonal communication and larger group communications; Business: Students conduct their own research, analyze data for insights, and make client marketing strategy recommendations; Creativity: Students build a design portfolio to showcase their creative skills across publications, websites, videos, photography and branding pojects; Technology: Students demonstrate proficiency in the latest digital tools and applications and apply these through digital design, event management and across client projects.

A required internship gives each student professional experience prior to graduation. Many graduates become communication, development or marketing directors in for-profit and non-profit organizations. Some students choose positions in public affairs, working as lobbyists or for non-governmental organizations NGOs.

Some pursue sales or event planning, while others prefer content development and social media management.

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Many students seek positions as media planners, creative designers, research analysts and account managers in regional, national and internationals advertising and public relations firms. Teaching Licensure The Communication and Media Department offers two options for students wanting to teach: As alternative certification is intended for those seeking career changes, requirements vary widely from state to state, and laws governing these programs can change frequently.

For this reason, it is important that all students interested in teaching identify themselves to both this department and the College of Education as soon as possible. Communication Arts Education B.Benzyl chloride | C6H5CH2Cl or C7H7Cl | CID - structure, chemical names, physical and chemical properties, classification, patents, literature, biological.

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6 units in a language other than English taken from courses numbered or above and taught primarily in a language other than English.

The language competency requirement may be satisfied in other ways described under Academic Procedures and Regulations. final research paper and presentation. Units: 6.

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