Big daddy marxist point of view

Robert Smith - March 27, Over reach in this case is a kind word for arrogant tyranny. Phillip Snodgrass - March 27, Operation Chokepoint is typical of a tyrannical goverment. Thomas Crabtree - March 27, They are supposed to be held accountable for everything they do or fail to do.

Big daddy marxist point of view

The intention has been to rob the Middle East oil-producing Nations, by forcing them to agree to buy Treasury Bonds, using the dollars, with which they had been paid for their oil. By so doing, they have helped to finance the US debt. Now that the dollar is being ditched as a reserve currency, the Treasury Bonds will be worthless.

This is being suggested as the reason for plunging the Middle East and the Maghreb into turmoil. The Arab world has been a prisoner of Mercantile Law for generations.

Mercantile Law was an invention of British and French traders. It made it legal to steal the resources of less developed States, while at the same time forbidding the establishment of local industries, which could make use of these resources. This forced these states, to spend the money which they had been paid for their resources, to buy the products of the people, by whom they were being robbed.

The Maghreb and the Middle East has long been held in this position. Any attempt to industrialize was likely to provoke a vicious response as with Mossadeque in Iran and Nasser in Egypt. Even The Shah of Iran was going against his orders, by making moves towards the construction of oil refineries.

The Multi-National Oil Companies, are using this unrest in the oil-producing countries, to drive the price of oil to something in the order of dollars a barrel. This will in turn increase the price at the pump to twice the current price. Iran has long been a thorn in the side of the Globalists.

They not only have a large reserve of oil, they also have their own system of banking.

Big daddy marxist point of view

This banking system has kept Iran out of debt, which is not allowed according to the Central Bankers, they need debt to enslave us all. This is why any sign of more than two people talking on the corner of a street somewhere in Iran, is presented as a huge crowd calling for a change of government.

The Iranian government is very popular with the vast majority of the people, they would win any election, should one be called. Mad Dog Gadaffi, who has apparently unleashed foreign mercenaries against his own people, has been condemned by the British Government Minister, William Hague, who issued a warning that his act could be considered to be against International Human Rights, and he would be pursued through Human Rights Courts for his act.

As distinct from Israeli War Criminals, who have been given an assurance by the same man, that British Law would be changed in order to protect them from arrest, should they choose to go to the UK.

There are some strange things turning up on-line. A recording of some sort has turned up claiming to be a get together of The Muslim Brotherhood, shouting about going to Israel to kill Jews. It is extremely doubtful that any such meeting took place, however it is indicative of the misinformation that is out there, aiming to mislead.

The Muslim Brotherhood is the preferred choice of Israel to run Egypt, they have long been under the control of the British. We are all sailing in dangerous waters at this time. The Globalists operate on an Order Out of Chaos agenda. They have, we are told, unleashed this chaos.

They are even claiming the rain that falls from the heavens as their property. Israel is destroying the water supply of the Palestinians.

Big daddy marxist point of view

They have already cut off food supplies to Gaza. What will they be annexing during the current turmoil? I would suggest that the United Nations has now become redundant. They lie about Global Warming.

They were paid to warn of a phantom Flu Pandemic, to sell vaccines for drug companies. They accept fraudulent elections in Afghanistan, while trying to force Gbagbo from power, in order to give the Globalists control of the Cocoa crops.

In the middle of all these claims and counter claims there are thousands of people, who are putting their lives on the line, to drive these dictators, who have served the Globalists so well, from power. They should listen to nothing that is coming from the Western Governments, they are all liars.Socialism vs Progressivism Socialism is an economic system where the government runs and controls the production resources collectively owned by society to achieve its common good.

Progressivism,on the other hand, is a political philosophy that seeks to raise . Big Daddy- Marxist Point of View In the movie Big Daddy you can see that a theme that is presented is a Marxist one. This theme is hidden and represented in a two way form.

This theme is hidden and represented in a two way form. I should have to point out that an implication that Obama is Marxist is ridiculous?

I should have to point out that the likelihood Obama is pushing Marxist philosophy, . Oct 16,  · It's just funny how your team claimed the numbers didn't matter up to the point you got your pro-repeal bots to cook the numbers, and then they suddenly mattered.

She’s a Marxist!” My mother intended Marxist to signify that obviously I was a queer scourge, but also I was an intellectual, and thus sort of a legitimate member of society. Europe is objectively better for tiny little mindless children and sheep who want big daddy government to take care of them because they are too stupid and lazy to make their own way in life.

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