Dialogue analysis of riders to the

Chapter 1 The cornfields of Oklahoma shrivel and fade in a long summer drought.

Dialogue analysis of riders to the

Plot[ edit ] A Carnotaurus ambushes an infant Parasaurolophustriggering a stampede which forces an Iguanodon mother to abandon her nest. The one surviving egg, after being removed from the nest by an Oviraptor and lost in a river following a fight with another, journeys through several dinosaur terrains via the flight of a Pteranodon before ending up Dialogue analysis of riders to the a far away island populated by lemurs.

Plio, the daughter of their leader, Yar, names the hatched baby Aladar and raises him, despite Yar's initial objections.

Years later, Aladar and the lemurs take part in a mating ritual, where Zini is unable to achieve a mate. Moments after the ritual ends, a giant meteor strikes and destroys the island, killing all the lemurs.

Aladar, Plio, Zini, Yar and Suri flee and jump across the sea to the mainland. They mourn for the loss of their loved ones before moving on.

While crossing deserted wastelands, they are ambushed by a group of Velociraptors. After escaping from them, the family encounter the remaining group of dinosaurs led by two Iguanodons named Kron and Bruton, who are on their journey to the "Nesting Grounds", a valley said to be untouched by the devastation of the meteor.

Together, they trek across the desert, reaching a lake they have relied on for past trips. It has seemingly dried up and Kron orders the herd to move on.

However, Aladar and Baylene discover the buried water under the surface, thereby saving the herd from dehydration.

Impressed by Aladar's compassionate ways, Kron's sister Neera begins to fall in love with him. Meanwhile, two Carnotaurus follow the herd's trail and begin stalking them for food. Bruton returns injured from a scouting mission and warns Kron that they are being followed, sending the entire herd in a panicked flurry.

Kron picks up the pace and evacuates the herd, leaving Aladar, the lemurs, the elderly dinosaurs, and Bruton behind while the Carnotaurs are in pursuit some distance away.

During a rainstorm, the stragglers take shelter in a cave to spend the night. When the Carnotaurus enter the cave, Bruton sacrifices himself by causing a cave-in to save the others, killing himself and one of the Carnotaurus. The other Carnotaurus leaves and resumes its search for the herd.

Aladar and his friends venture deeper into the cave, but loses hope when they reach a dead end. The others convince him to keep going, relating how he inspired them to do the same.

Together, they break through the dead end and find the Nesting Grounds on the other side. While exploring, they find a large wall of rocks blocking the original entryway to the valley. Knowing that the herd will die attempting to climb over it, Aladar rushes off alone to find them, and he is pursued by the Carnotaurus.

Aladar catches up with the herd and suggests a safer way to the valley, but Kron refuses. The two fight and Kron almost kills Aladar, but Neera stops him. The herd decides to abandon Kron, taking Aladar as their new leader.

As they prepare to leave, the Carnotaurus arrives and confronts them. Aladar rallies the herd to stand together, and they bellow their way past the predator. The Carnotaurus sensing easier prey, pursues Kron to the edge of a cliff.

While it injures him, Aladar and Neera fight back, until it is knocked into the ravine to its death. Kron dies from his injuries, with Neera and Aladar mourning for his demise.

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Aladar leads the herd to the cave as a route to the Nesting Grounds. Sometime later, a new generation of dinosaurs hatch among them are Aladar and Neera's children. The lemurs find more of their kind, and they all begin a new life together.

Voice cast[ edit ] D.

Dialogue analysis of riders to the

Sweeney as Aladar, a brave, determined and compassionate Iguanodon who is adopted into a family of lemurs, and helps the herd of dinosaurs migrate and survive. He is the adoptive son of Plio, the adoptive nephew of Zini, the adoptive grandson of Yar, and the adoptive brother of Suri.

Alfre Woodard as Plio, a lemur matriarch who cares for her family. She is the daughter of Yar, the older sister of Zini, the mother of Suri, and the adoptive mother of Aladar.A Spinoff series of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Riders is a console Racing Game series involving hoverboard racing.

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Dialogue analysis of riders to the

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Dinosaur is a American CGI animated adventure film produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation and The Secret Lab and released by Walt Disney grupobittia.com 39th Disney animated feature film, 1 the film follows an orphaned Iguanodon named Aladar, who was a friend of the lemurs, after surviving a devastating meteor shower, are moving out for their new home.

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