Essay on place of women in islam

However, this is for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduations students as well.

Essay on place of women in islam

Islamic Women Muslim society over the centuries has treated women as second class citizens. Women are treated in this manor for a number of reasons, but all leading back to the Quran. Women are considered inferior to men, are treated unfairly in marriage, and even are oppressed legally, but all are approved of in the Quran.

It describes in detail the way that a women is to be treated and the way a women should treat her husband. The fact that men are a step above the women and superior to them is evident in the following verses. In the Quran it states, "And of His signs is that He created for you, of yourselves, spouses, that you may repose in them.

Muslims believe that women are lacking many of the traits that men possess. The believe that women are lacking gratitude as well as intelligence. The Hadith speaks of this subject saying, "Women are ungrateful to their husbands and are ungrateful for the favours and the good charitable deeds done to them.

It is said that, "Women was made to bear and feed children.

Essay on place of women in islam

Therefore she is very emotional. And she is forgetful, because if she did not forget how it is to give birth she would not have another child. That is why she will not be as reliable a witness as a man. It is believed that very woman has ten awrah.

It is thought that Allah decreed that the face be veiled not for the chastity of the woman, but for the chastity of the men who might look at her.

The Place of Women in Society Essay with Quotes for Matric, 2nd Year, FA, FSC, BA and BSC

If a woman is cooking and her husband desires sexual pleasures it is better to let the food burn than to deny her husband. This is true because if the husband is not satisfied then he be cannot at peace to pray to Allah therefore the woman is in bad favor with Allah and all the angels until she satisfies her husband again.

There is never anything that a woman can do to repay her husband for taking her as his wife. It is a noble sacrifice for a man to share his life with a woman; she being deficient in mind, religion, and gratitude. There is no sacrifice she can make to repay the favour he has done for her.

Essay: Islamic Women

The rights of Muslim women and men are as you might expect them to be. Other than that she has no rights, he has the right to beat her if she does one of four things.

Two if she refuses sexual intercourse. Three when she is told to bath and she refuses. Fourth when she goes abroad without permission of her husband.Essay on Place of Women in Our Society with Quotations for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation.

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Here is an essay on Place of Women in Society for 2nd Year students. Islamic Society's Treatment of Women Essay - Islamic Society's Treatment of Women From the time of birth, a Muslim woman's place in . Essay: Islamic Women. It is believed that the woman’s place is in the home and that she shouldn’t even leavethe house to pray at the mosque, but rather she is closer to Allah while inside the home.

reading such a manipulated and wrong essay which depicts a completely distorted image of Islam and a false picture of women in Islam. As Islam and the word of Allah spread, a society was formed on religious beliefs, and based on the literal text of the Koran women were to be treated as equals.

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Given that the word of the Koran is the word of God, then women in . Misinformation and misconception about Muslim women is the main reasons why so many Westerner’s have the picture of Islam, especially in America, associated it with bad images of oppressed women hiding in their hijab,, or walking behind their husbands.

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