How accurate is the label era

They are worth a whole lot more now They were made in Cincinnatti, Ohio in the s. An American businessman Henry C. The factory started manufacturing office and filing furniture.

How accurate is the label era

Electric tuning mechanism adjustment diagram Electric tuning principles of operation and adjustments Electric tuning wiring diagram and further adjustments Replacement parts list Some judicious searching revealed an ad in the August, issue of Popular Mechanics that featured not only the K remote but also W.

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Fields and Charlie McCarthy. My grandparents bought one of these new, and as a kid, I inherited it. I had a phonograph hooked up to it and would play records, mostly 78s, through it. I had the armchair control box, which I hooked up and played with.

The box used the same push button switches as the tuning buttons on the front, and used similar labels, though they were not back lit. There is a switch on the front of the radio to select remote control operation. Our radio was set up for Chicago stations, and the tuning worked pretty well.

The armchair control box was brown bakelite, and was wired to the radio with a big flat cloth covered multi-conductor cable.

I used to get the occasional shock from the cable, as the cloth over rubber insulation was breaking down, and I stood on a concrete basement floor. Aside from records, I was introduced to rock and roll radio on this radio, and listened to short wave broadcasts.

The short wave bands produced a lot of interesting sound effects back then, as there were people transmitting images with a type of fax system that sounded like a propeller airplane if you tuned it in see below.

How accurate is the label era

We used a long-wire antenna for short wave I used the switch assembly as a keyboard for a crude electronic music synthesizer I built. I saved the box and buttons, though It maintained an place of honor in my dining room, though by then it required replacement filter capacitors, something I never got to.

Several years later, I got married, and moved out of the apartment, but left the radio in storage in the basement of the building for a year.

When I went back to retrieve it, the radio was gone. I never saw it again. I was a terrible loss, but I was stupid to think it would just stay in a relatively un-secured storage space I joined the site, and I really enjoy it. Very active, though the networking part is light, they put up lots of very informative videos.

You can join the site for free The radio group is new, and needs some discussion! The stations listed as presets were the most powerful broadcasters of the time.

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All of these stations are still in business today, although they have mostly changed to talk radio format.Here are the operating details of the "robot Dial" or "Shutter Dial" that are unique to the Zenith series. The shutter dial was invented by Kurt Emde of Chicago, Illinois and received US Patent 2,, on April 20, Thesis/Intro The label, "Era of Good Feelings" during Monroe's presidency from to was generally accurate because of the emerging cultural and economic nationalism along with the peaceful foreign policies and implementation of the Monroe Doctrine.

– 1– ECIMEN LABEL –SPECIMEN LABEL –SPECIMEN LABEL –SPECIMEN LABEL –SPECIMEN LABEL –SPEC Avenue ™South Broadleaf Herbicide for Turfgrass provides rapid and effective weed control including dollarweed.

A long history in transplant medicine and now the era of Regenerative Medicine. Cord blood stem cells are doing amazing things.

How accurate is the label era

Learn More. Off-label promotion—pharmaceutical manufacturers’ marketing of FDA-approved drugs for unapproved uses—is considered a First Amendment right by some, a threat to the safety and effectiveness of pharmaceutical drugs by others.

Although off-label prescription is legal and often beneficial, the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FDCA) and corresponding FDA regulations effectively prohibit.

Southgate Shopping Center, later Southgate Mall, was the first significant post-World War II suburban-style shopping center in the Milwaukee area. In , local brewery supplier (how very Milwaukee) Kurtis Froedtert laid the framework for Southgate and three other major suburban-style shopping centers in the area, during a period of this kind of retail development nationwide.

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