How to write a concert review for music appreciation for kids

This booklet has been prepared to help you understand and enjoy the experience of concertgoing and write effectively about it. The booklet has two main sections: In a live performance, artists put themselves on the line; their training and magnetism must overcome technical difficulties to involve the listeners' emotions. As an audience responds to the excitement of such moments, feelings are exchanged between stage and hall.

How to write a concert review for music appreciation for kids

When writing a dance critique, there are many things to consider prior to the performance. Are they professionals or amateurs?

Is it a new work or classic choreography reset? Who are the choreographers? Are they known for other works? It is important to meditate carefully on the performance prior to seeing it so you can take as much from it as you can. Work as hard at viewing the piece as the choreographer did making the work.

Consult your program notes when writing critiques.

how to write a concert review for music appreciation for kids

During the performance, there are also many things to consider that should be incorporated into your writing process. What style of dance is it? Is the performance experimental or conventional? What are the cultural implications of the performance?

How do elements of the performance, such as lighting, scenery, and costume, enhance the choreography? If a performance is very abstract, take as much from it as you can and strive to deliver your opinion of it as clearly as possible in your writing.

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Remember that there is no right answer since art is abstract and everyone responds to art differently. There is a lot to take in when viewing dance, and it can be easy to forget aspects of the performance.

It is helpful to bring a notebook and pen to jot down notes and initial reactions to the performance that you may forget later on.

Also, write the paper as soon as possible after the performance to prevent a foggy recollection. It can offer you some insight into the choreographer's motivation as well as uncover some of the meaning of the performance.

Guidelines for Writing About a Dance Performance: The opening statement of your critique should draw the reader in. Tell the reader where and when the concert took place. When writing about choreographers, always identify them by name. Try to get inside the head of the choreographer.

What do you think the choreographer was trying to say with the dance, or what did the dance say? Try to have a thematic focus when writing your critique.

Were the themes of the individual piece clear? What was the dance about?


Does it relate to current events? Did the choreography flow, what were the dynamics, how did it move in space and what were the motivations for the movements?

Make general comments but also include detailed descriptions. Try to give at least one specific movement image. As her legs leave the floor and her torso leans to the side, both she and the bench seem to levitate a little above the floor.

Dance Magazine, May What thoughts or feelings did the concert or piece evoke? In constructing your critique, reflect on why you may have had certain reactions. Always back up your assertions, positive or negative with concrete examples. Comment on the music and identify the composer s and musician s when possible.

What was the relationship of the dance to the music? Did the music play an important role in the performance? Was the music live, pre-recorded or some combination of both? What difference did it make?An early look at the Oscar race. This week our team breaks down what to expect next year at the Academy Awards and which movies have already started to make a splash.

The music I really enjoyed was piece by Lord of Dance and Voice Dance were a much happier song and those songs had a faster tempo than the other songs and was a great way to conclude the concert. The concert demonstrated the vocal capabilities of the Choir members. New Review Whether new to the Kodály Method of music instruction or an experienced veteran, you'll find much to make your heart sing in a teacher guide that was designed for a music appreciation .

An important element of a music course is, often, attending a musical performance—such as a concert, a recital, or an opera—and then writing a report. This booklet has been prepared to help you understand and enjoy the experience of concertgoing and write effectively about it.

The Yamaha SVCSK Silent Electric Cello provides the opportunity to play in the rich acoustic environment of a concert hall without having to be there.

A redesigned resonating chamber helps produce the most realistic and "acoustic-like" string tones and resonating sound. Solo recitals, musicals, chamber music concerts, jazz concerts, operas, or other non-orchestra concerts will not be acceptable. Your Assignment You are to write a 3-page term paper giving a review of the concert you attended.

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