Jon krakauer essay

It is a moving story about a young man chasing after his dream and ultimate Alaskan adventure.

Jon krakauer essay

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Krakauer states that he 'believed that wealth was shameful, corrupting and inherently evil'. This non-conformism is perhaps defined by his willingness to ally himself to the civil disobedience of some of the transcendentalist writers, Henry David Thoreau being the prime example.

This was not to say that he was not, at times, McCandless might first be defined by his non-conformism and his willingness to eschew the financially comfortable background in which he was brought up.

Jon krakauer essay

This was not to say that he was not, at times, pragmatic and viewed money earned by what he believed to be moral and honest labour to be valuable. He seems to have drawn the distinction at having too much money and acquiring it as a result of unearned privilege.

Krakauer, however, is clear to state that he was no liberal, stating that he 'was a vocal admirer of Ronald Regan' and cited Thoreau about the evil of governance - one might describe him better as a libertarian than a liberal.

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He was, however, it would appear, morally driven, perhaps in part due to the extremity of his reaction to his parents' troubles and his judgement that his father was a 'sanctimonious hypocrite', particularly in relation to the latter's concealed divorce.

McCandless's moral motivation, however, found more constructive means than in simply moralising. He was a fan of direct action, Krakauer recounting a number of incidents from his school days where he would practice personal philanthropy such as he would 'wander the seedier quarters of Washington, chatting with prostitutes and homeless people, buying them meals'.

It appears that he believed less in state intervention and more in personal responsibility for the poor. One might also claim that he saw an inherent nobility in poverty and liberty, embodied in the name that he chose for himself, 'Alexander Supertramp'. The quest for personal liberty is clearly embodied in the willingness to give up his old identity, not only his financial worth and connection to his family but, moreover, his very name.

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Other examples, of course, come with his desire to live entirely alone and by nature in Alaska but are pre-figured by his quest to kayak down the Colorado river, defying park laws that meant he had to have a license. Whether we would characterise McCandless as hubristic i.

Jon krakauer essay

I've linked below to an interesting enotes.A man who learns this lesson, but actually puts the effort in to learn the full story, is the author of Into The Wild, his name is Jon Krakauer. Krakauer, a journalist, follows the path of an adventure-seeking Chris McCandless.

Essay Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer.


This book Into The Wild is about how a young man wants to get away from the world. He does escape from society, but ends up dying in the process. The author, Jon Krakauer, does a great job of describing Chris McCandless and his faults.

Chris is an intelligent college graduate. In Into the Wild, author Jon Krakauer depicts the story of a young man named Chris McCandless, who ventured into the wild of Alaska to live off the land, only to be found starved to death four. Christopher McCandless aka Alexander Supertramp Into The Wild website.

This is designed to give you a complete overview of Chris and his many North American adventures, including the stampede trail and Fairbanks city bus. Books can be incredibly powerful. They have the ability to suck us in, take us on adventures, and influence the way we think.

They can teach us, move us, give us new perspectives, and help shape us. Jon Krakauer wrote Into Thin Air, which was also featured as an article in the Outside magazine. It was based on his own experiences and observations of the time he attempted and completed the climb of Mount Everest in

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