Life and turning point

When the Student is ready the Master Appears Categories: I have had two such instances in as many days.

Life and turning point

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. By Gini Graham Scott The idea of turning points in our lives is a powerful one. Or might many experiences viewed as turning points merely be another path to the same place in life.

In other words, if you have a strong goal, maybe turning points are really alternate routes along the way rather than being the only life-changing event to get you there.

I began thinking about turning points when someone at a business networking meeting asked me how I happened to move to San Francisco from Oakland, and I explained how I had to move somewhere after I got caught up in the mortgage meltdown.

But I managed to sell my house rather than go through a foreclosure sale and eviction. As she began expressing her deepest sympathy for me, I told her that actually my move turned out for the best, because I found being in San Francisco ideal for my business, since I suddenly had several new clients because I was here.

Also, the area where I used to live had become a target for burglaries and home invasion robberies, leading me to think about moving even before I had to move. Then, later that night, I began wondering about this event and other big events in my life that might be considered turning points.

Did they make all the difference in what I am doing now -- writing books of my own and for clients and writing and producing indie films -- or would I have gotten to this point anyway? Or alternatively, given the growing crime and budget problems in Oakland, maybe I would have decided to move to San Francisco and get involved in film and business groups anyway.

So again, I would have gotten to the same destination, though via a different path. Well, even if that project did get made, its few showings might not have been enough to lead to a film business career in L. So I still lived in my house in Oakland and faced the same mortgage meltdown as before.

And even before that there was a seeming turning point when a wanna-be producer called me out of the blue to say she was impressed by my books and scripts she discovered on the Internet. So she invited me to stay in L.

However, suppose that invitation to L. Since I was already writing scripts, I could have still done what I later did to learn the film business -- take film classes and join the Bay Area film community as I did after returning from living in L. A commuter for two years. So even if those experiences in L.

Maybe what we think of as critical turning points are just one of many paths to get to that destination. Some paths may be more winding and challenging; others may be shorter and more direct; but they are all different ways to get to the future which has become the present we are experiencing now.

So think back to your own life. Are there experiences that stand out as critical turning points for you; incidents you think of as life-changing incidents? Would you still get to where you are today and be doing what you are doing now? Could you have gotten to where you are by traveling a different route?Any turning point in life offers perspective and opportunity.

The opportunity I have uncovered is a refreshing look at my children, especially my son, since he has many of the characteristics of his Grandfather, including his distinguished height.

LifeSpring is proud to be a partner of WHAS Crusade! Beyond the Stigma This is a part of a series of blog posts from members of the LifeSpring Brand Ambassadors program. Turning Point Those brief hours in my room with my cousin Don sharing his enthusiasm for engineering was a major turning point for me because it changed my focus on the career I pursued.

But turning points seldom are just singular in nature. Life has been good to me. I have been blessed with an extraordinary number of turning points that had profound changes in the direction of my life.

Life and turning point

By utilizing this blog to share them with you, I hope to inspire you to see the turning points in your life. Apr 14,  · Tyrone Davis Turning Point -- MasterSmartJason Productions It was a turning point in my consciousness about myself.

We experience many turning points in our lives, whenever we shift direction this way or that.

Life and turning point

Perhaps a decision about a relationship, or.

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