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Symphony by Enbala is a distributed energy aggregation, optimization and control platform that leverages flexible loads, energy storage and renewable energy to keep the power grid in balance. Agile Volt is a cloud-based based smart-building solution for small- and medium-sized commercial and industrial customers—bringing together innovative financing, insurance, control and operations features.

Northwrite address change

PNNL is helping Percheron evaluate using composite instead of steel to make screw-shaped turbines called Archimedes Hydrodynamic Screw turbines, which enable hydropower generation in small waterways.

Shown here is a steel Archimedes turbine at a hydropower plant in Goryn, Poland. Each small business will also provide an additional 20 percent in cost-share funding or in-kind services for each project.

More information on PNNL's three new projects is provided below.

northwrite address change

PNNL is among five national labs leading the pilot and will specifically support small business in three areas: DOE also announced today that more small businesses can now apply to receive vouchers through the second round of this program.

Second round applications are due April More information can northwrite address change found at the Small Business Vouchers Pilot website. Computers help make better hydro turbines Improved, screw-shaped turbines could generate electricity in small U. These hydro turbines, called Archimedes Hydrodynamic Screw turbines, already are widely used in European waters.

To lower their cost and make them more feasible for use in the U.

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PNNL engineer Marshall Richmond and his team will use advanced computer models to help Percheron advance its turbine designs. The researchers will run the models on PNNL's Constance supercomputer to compare the performance of different turbine designs and predict the strength requirements for turbines.

Percheron will use the results to build prototype composite turbines and test them in a lab and in the field. Advancing algorithms for energy-efficient buildings Small and medium-sized commercial buildings could cut their power bills with the help of national lab-developed algorithms that improve lighting, heating and cooling systems by identifying systems that aren't working as intended — such as thermostats that don't change temperatures at assigned times — and correcting them.

But while these algorithms have worked well in experiments, they need further refinement to be ready for real-world use.

PNNL will test and validate algorithm performance and help NorthWrite adapt them for the company's cloud-based software, among other tasks. Improving plant-based chemical production The cost and carbon footprint of synthetic rubbers, latex and adhesives could be reduced by making them from plants instead of petroleum.

Berkeley, California-based Visolis, Inc. PNNL and National Renewable Energy Laboratory will help Visolis scale up its process and produce samples that will be tested to ensure the process creates a quality chemical. For more information, see today's DOE announcement. The full list of 33 companies being awarded vouchers today is available on the Small Business Vouchers Pilot website.

EnergyEnvironmentFundamental ScienceComputational ScienceBiomassEnergy EfficiencyRenewable EnergyHydropowerBiofuelGreen EnergyChemistryCatalysisSupercomputerFish Pacific Northwest National Laboratory is the nation's premier laboratory for scientific discovery in chemistry, earth sciences, and data analytics and for solutions to the nation's toughest challenges in energy resiliency and national security.

Department of Energy's Office of Science. DOE's Office of Science is the single largest supporter of basic research in the physical sciences in the United States, and is working to address some of the most pressing challenges of our time.Congratulations to Sheila Blackburn who won the NorthWrite Short Story Competition.

Here is her story. The second and third place getters will be published here over the next couple of week.

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When we think “Internet of Things (IoT),” we immediately think in big picture terms. We envision an expanding network making lofty and revolutionary changes to the very fiber of civilization. Nov 12,  · NorthWrite Incorporated, Energy WorkSite and Facility WorkSite Software Applications does not have any Key Executives recorded.

Update the address on your license, permit, or ID and vehicle records. If you move, you must report a change of residence address on your license, permit, non-driver ID . Hill York Becomes the Largest Liebert Network Solutions Partner in Florida Fort Lauderdale, FL (March 11, ) – Liebert Corporation (, the national leader in the manufacturing of computer room air-conditioning systems, has recently recognized Hill York ( as its South Florida and Caribbean service provider.

JouleSmart seeks to deliver to small- and mid-sized businesses the benefits of active energy management that are traditionally reserved for only the larger, .

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