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Radio program production

Do the claims of an Egyptian journalist have any merit? And could they demonstrate a pattern of compromise within the U. The beginning of the tradition in America can be traced back to the Plymouth colony with Governor William Bradford and the Pilgrims in the year One of them replaced outgoing Muslim Congressman, Keith Ellison who promoted legislation to advance Sharia law in America.

Rashida Tlaib is a Palestinian Muslim immigrant, whose supporters waved the Palestinian flag when she won. Does this event foreshadow the future of political Islam in the West?

The story has stirred up a revived interest in the case of Emanuela Orlandi, a teen girl who disappeared in June of Gabriel Amorth, that the girl had likely been kidnapped and murdered by a satanic cult with some association to the Vatican.

Radio program production

A number of Catholic priests including the late Malachi Martin have claimed that satanic rituals have taken place at certain levels in the Vatican.

Could this recent discovery lead to even more disturbing revelations? The situation in our country might be compared with the agitation created by King George III Radio program production the early colonists, as found in the grievances against the king in the Declaration of Independence.

But what is really going on? Some interesting clues are found at the excellent Archbishop Cranmer website, where modern discussions about the great Reformation and its opposition to the European Union abound.

Also discussed is a disturbing story that the European Court of Human Rights has declared that insults to the Prophet Mohammed must now be punished by law.

The Marxist coalition that have infiltration the United States are clearly working to undermine Christianity and the free world, as was shown during the eight years that Barack Obama was in the White House.

Also discussed is the ongoing tragedy in Nigeria, where Christians are being systematically being persecuted, raped, robbed and murdered in what some are calling a genocide.

Is this part of a greater plan to subvert America through immigration warfare? Some are reporting that the U. It has been well documented that at least two Catholic priests Charles Chiniquy, Emmett McLoughlin wrote books in which they blamed the murder of Lincoln on the Vatican and her Jesuit priests.

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But now another work has surfaced that was written by one of the generals who sat on the Military Commission that investigated the crime, and also presided over the trial of the conspirators who were convicted and put to death. InGeneral Thomas M. Wade decision could be finally overturned.

But is this really the case? Could Manchurian-Candidate-style brainwashing be in fact the most dangerous form of warfare in history, since it seems to paralyze a nation against protecting itself? The anti-Christian, anti-Western propaganda in mainstream media and education seems to have caused much of Western Europe to virtually abandon its resistance to globalism.

Meanwhile, here in the United States, our young people are continually indoctrinated with lies in our schools and universities. Also discussed is the ongoing drama over the testimony of Dr. It is now reported that Dr. Ford was part of a mind-control program at Stanford University. The Apostle Paul wrote to the ancient Galatians: Yet a month beforehand, a leading Jesuit name Thomas Reese, also a former editor of the Jesuit publication, advised Catholics to vote for pro-abortion Democrats.

Considering the Jesuit history of supporting abortion, and the fact that America Magazine has openly called for repealing the Second Amendment, is it possible they are now opposing Kavanaugh because he is a true conservative?

Could Graham be sending a message to those who have been betraying our country? Is it possible that in the near future, the Trump administration will begin to go after the subversive groups in our government, and use Military tribunals to do it?

Also discussed is what the Bible says about treason. How are traitors punished in the Scriptures? The difference between what God has revealed through His commandments in the Law versus the circumstances that He has provided.The wide world of radio and television awaits you!

These courses will help you develop specific skills and give you insight into the varied aspects of the broadcasting industry, including radio announcing and production, video editing and television production. Public Radio from Spindale, North Carolina.

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The War of the Worlds was an episode of the American radio drama anthology series Mercury Theatre on the Air. WFIU is south and central Indiana's source for classical music, jazz, and news and information, broadcasting 24 hours a day from the campus of Indiana University in Bloomington, More».

Radio program production

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