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Flipping through a newspaper while eating, I came to an article that caused me to stop chewing. It was about a local psychologist who used gardening to help her clients. The story mentioned that physicians in ancient Egypt prescribed garden walks for mentally ill patients.

Seed folks

It showed climbing vines, rivers and waterfalls, grapes, flowers, singing birds, everything a desert dweller might dream of. The garden's green was as soothing to the eye as the deep blue of that rug. I'm aware of color - I manage a fabric store. But the garden's greatest benefit, I feel, was not relief to the eyes, but to make the eyes see our neighbors.

To honor her late When I saw the garden for the first time, so green among the dark brick buildings, I thought back to my parents' Persian rug. To honor her late father, Kim plants six beans in a vacant lot.


Ana sees her doing this and assumes she is up to no good, so she is thrilled when she finds the plants. She and her neighbor, Wendell, help water the seedlings.

Soon, others in the area are planting seeds.

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One woman manages to get all the trash littering the lot hauled away. The plants grow and thrive, but more importantly, people who once ignored one another are now talking, offering advice and sharing recipes. Everyone has a story to tell and a reason for planting.

Seed folks

This is a simply wonderful story of how a neighborhood garden grew and a community was born. It lead to great discussions about diversity and coming together as one. Soon curious neighbors join in and together they grow a beautiful garden.

With each bean sprout and cucumber blossom the residents of Gibs Street find hope and meaning I read this book to my students. With each bean sprout and cucumber blossom the residents of Gibs Street find hope and meaning in their little green paradise.To view the details of an annotation, use the '+' sign to expand an entry.

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Seed folks

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When a young Vietnamese girl plants beans in a vacant lot to connect with the memory of her father, the diverse group of locals who take notice find a connection of their own in a spirited effort to re-imagine their run-down neighborhood. Seedfolks Seedfolks was a great story it was very short and very understandable.

I recommend Seedfolks to everyone that likes to make a difference in their community and life¿s. In the story I like how the chapters changed from character to character/5(79).

Seedfolks / Brief Summary ; Over time, the weather starts to warm up and more folks come out to garden. We meet Gonzalo and his great uncle, Tío Juan, who hail from Guatemala and bond over their gardening adventures. Then Leona works to make the garden trash-free, and Sam tries to think of ways to bring more water into the lot.

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