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Soup became popular with the invention of canning in the 19th century, when a chemist at the Campbell Soup Company invented condensed soup in Create a new soup that mixes in some of your favorite food items as the main ingredients.

Snowglobe writing activity pinterest login

Through fiction writing, they learn the value of creating characters, developing a plot line and telling a story that teaches a lesson.

Weather Activities for the Classroom - 15 Fun Ideas

Regardless of the individual career path that a student may take later in life, they are going to need to know how to write well. Get them started on the right path by encouraging them to create their own fiction stories and to write as often as possible. Use these fiction writing prompts to get the creative juices flowing in your students, and to teach them how to enjoy the writing process!

Two friends are walking home from school when they discover a time machine, and they decide to try it out. Which time period do they travel to? What happens once they arrive? Start your story with this sentence: On a vacation to paradise, something unexpected happened… George Washington and Alexander Hamilton are having a conversation about what to put into the Constitution of the United States.

Write a story about what they discussed and how that changed the final draft of the Constitution.

Creative Writing Ideas and Journal Topics for Winter and January

Write a story about a butterfly that needed to earn the colors on her wings. What did she have to do to get her colors?

Which colors did she choose once she accomplished her goal? The character in your story has to stay the same age for the rest of time.

What age is your character? What challenges arise from being stuck at the same stage?

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Two birds set out on a grand adventure together one day. Write about where they go, what they see and what they do along the way.

It all started with a magical pen… The snow was falling all around, and the world looked like a snow globe. There was only one problem.

It was June… Write a story about a princess who was trapped in a castle that was guarded by a dragon.

30 Fiction Writing Prompts for Elementary Students ⋆

But instead of a daring prince coming to save the day, the princess uses the tools and resources inside the castle to rescue herself. Tell about what she does to overcome her challenge.

snowglobe writing activity pinterest login

For one day, the character in your story gets to make all of the rules. Write about the changes your character would make, and the consequences that result from his or her choices. Write a story about a character who is the same age as you are, but living life years in the future. Imagine that your main character is a chef in a very busy kitchen, and they are preparing the most important meal of their life.

Who are they making the meal for?If I Was In A Snowglobe Writing Activity - FREEBIE. Read it. If I Was In A Snowglobe Writing Activity - FREEBIE.

Teach Your Child to Read Classroom tips,teaching ideas, and resources for the upper elementary classroom. An Apple for the Teacher.

Similar ideas. More information "Stuck in a Snow Globe writing - might be good for. Stuck in a Snow Globe SOURCE: Boy Mama, Teacher Mama Making your own snow globes is simple when you use clear plastic bowls, photos of your students, and this adorable writing prompt. I will be doing the same activity I did last year at this time- students will write about being in a snow globe!

You can check out the details in this post from last year – and we will be making snow globes . Use strong glue to attach a plastic toy to the inside of a jar lid, then add baby oil and glitter for a homemade snow globe; it makes a fun souvenir of a great day.

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snowglobe writing activity pinterest login

Page 25 to 28—Snow globe craft template and directions. Page 29 to 36—Many activities to use with the book, There was a Cold Lady Who Swallowed some Snow. Swing trash .

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