Squeaky wheel gets the grease business plan

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Squeaky wheel gets the grease business plan

Managing our own productivity is generally within our control, and for a new entrepreneur using your time wisely is often difficult. More importantly, how do you know if your employees are productive?

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You should start by looking for unproductive behavior. Many higher level employees use the tactic of over-promising but then not delivering on those promises. Honesty goes a long way toward building trusting relationships. Another tactic of the higher level squeaky wheel is procrastination.

Sometimes, the bigger the project, the harder it may be to start. And when a particular task makes us feel uncomfortable, the unproductive employee looks for ways to be more comfortable. Ways like putting off the inevitable or even getting someone else to take charge of it.

As a business owner and the final productivity manager, you must be ready and aware of the excessive use of social media.

There was a time when people at work used to stand around the water cooler and discuss the big game. Now they sit with their hands out of sight thumbing text messages as you walk past their desk because they were shopping online.

squeaky wheel gets the grease business plan

The boss who wants to manage the time their employees spend shopping or talking online must institute good policies that their employees can work by, but that keep these online diversions to a minimum. Remember, it is always the best policy to address any problems or policies sooner rather than later.

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People feel blindsided when your criticism takes too long to be delivered. It will set the proper precedent and will let your employees know that you care whether they are doing things right or not.

squeaky wheel gets the grease business plan

If discussed in the right setting, the others may have some ideas of how to correct the problem when you do bring it up.Project Portfolio Management Planning: A Method for Prioritizing Projects Mike Ross r2Estimating, LLC squeaky-wheel gets the grease method, or the most power- make business decisions the same way a fund manager makes buy, sell, and hold decisions.

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1. Foreword by David Cameron, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

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