Thesis statement on poverty in america

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Thesis statement on poverty in america

Skyler, I appreciate your eagerness to learn more about this topic. The previous information that I provided is from various individuals and sites and not just from me alone. I can however, provide you with some information on crime and poverty in Washington State.

Attached are the arrest rates for youth years old in our state for,and I have also attached a cost benefit to crime ration for your review as well. And most importantly, I have attached a school to prison pipeline concept paper to this email for your review. The reason I attached these 3 specific items is to provide you the opportunity to think outside of the norm for a minute.

In the arrest tables you will find that white youth commit more crime than black youth, which is even more pronounced in the Rape category and yet society is more afraid of black youth than of white youth. Research suggests people are more responsive to swifter and more certain punishment than to more severe punishment.

Our existing criminal justice practices too often run exactly counter to this principle: Youths often are not punished when they engage in risky behaviors, like illegal gun possession or carrying, until they cross over some line that seems clear to government officials but not to the youths themselves.

At that point very harsh penalties are imposed that are quite costly to both the young person and to the entire society.

We would do society as a whole and the youth themselves a favor by making far greater use of swifter, less severe punishments for infractions like gun carrying, including intermediate sanctions like community service or more stringent probation conditions.

In my personal life I can tell you that almost every single African-American and Latino youth that I have ever met are born with nearly half of the precursors and held responsible on day one for the environment they cannot afford to escape.

And finally I have attached a few unemployment rate graphs for your review as well, as I believe and most research shows, the higher the unemployment rate the higher the crime rate. I hope this helps guide you in the right direction and let me know if you need anything else.

Please review and continue the conversation by adding additional comments. I am finishing up my thesis on the benefits of rehabilitation for juv offenders and I agree with you — great information! What is dismaying is the fact that the Youth Promise Act — which will increase funding to therapeutic agencies — languishes in the House!

Frustrating to say the least but I appreciate you providing great details. Tabby on September 16, at 9: Poverty causing criminal behavior could be acceptable if the crime being committed had anything to do with economics. Greed, ego, hatred, and refusal to submit to the law, are so much more important factors.

Poverty has little to do with outright violent behavior. Mobs of black people, usually youth, attacking whites and Latinos nearly every other day, is not done for poverty reasons.

Often though, they just attack for the purpose of inflicting pain on another. There is a fine line between poverty being a cause of crime and the criminal behavior being the cause of poverty. You have used info to fit a narrative that you had prior to research. Wanting poverty to be a causation to excuse it, while there is plenty of evidence to show that criminals are criminals regardless of economics.

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Just look at schemes done by rich. Look at athletes and celebrities. And ask what causes them to be criminals? Are we going to excuse their behavior for being too far above the poverty line?

Submitted for Maurice Ward by John Spady on said: So for the record, I will just state that I never intended to cause anyone to believe that there is an excuse for crime or violent behavior.What are some thesis statements on poverty? Here in America that really doesn't apply.

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Poverty is a common social issue that has troubled nations for thousands of years. While nations like the United States of America have worked diligently to eradicate /5(80).

Mar 27,  · News about Biofuels, including commentary and archival articles published in The New York Times.

Thesis statement on poverty in america

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