Weekly questions

One of the easiest things you can do to create a well-oiled team machine is to have regular check-ins also known as retrospectives.

Weekly questions

Incandescent material was ejected m above the crater rim and a lava flow in the Ceniza SSW drainage reached 2. Avalanches Weekly questions material from the lava flow reached vegetated areas. Explosions occurring at a rate of per hour generated ash plumes that rose at least 1.

Later that day explosions became stronger, and incandescent material was ejected m high.

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Ashfall continued to be reported in local communities. Strombolian activity continued to intensify on 19 November with stronger explosions and increased seismicity.

Incandescent material was ejected as high as 1 km above the crater. Ash plumes rose as high as 3. The lava flow in the Ceniza drainage advanced to 3 km long and produced avalanches from the flow front.

Explosions continued during November, generating ash plumes which rose 0.

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Incandescent material was ejected m high, casing avalanches, some that traveled long distances. Some explosions generated shock waves that rattled nearby structures.

Crater incandescence was visible at night. The highest ash plume rose 2 km, the first time a plume from Ontake Crater rose that high since 4 April. Material was ejected m from the crater. Ashfall was reported in an area 4 km SSW on 15 November.

The Alert Level remained at 2 on a 5-level scale. Incandescent material was ejected more than 1 km from the crater. The report noted that this was the first occurrence of an ash plume rising above 4 km since 16 July Two events occurred during November with the larger plume rising 1.

The Alert Level remained at 3 on a 5-level scale. The Alert Level remained at 2 on a scale of ; the report reminded the public to stay outside of the Permanent Danger Zone defined as a 1-km radius from Benbow Crater and a 2. Ash plumes drifted E.

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A weak thermal anomaly was identified in satellite data during November. The Aviation Color Code remained at Orange the second highest level on a four-color scale.1.

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Weekly questions

Our cafe features daily and weekly sets of general knowledge trivia questions. Trivia question sets for sale, and information on team trivia events.

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As a result, these questions were born. They usually take us no longer than 20 minutes to answer, and have honestly made all the difference in the way we love and serve one another throughout the week.

Weekly News Quiz for Students: Midterm Results, Fires, Jeff Sessions. How well did you follow the news this past week? How many of these 10 questions can you get right?

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