What does being an adult mean

For one, I got carded while buying cough medicine and was left defenseless against the freshman plague.

What does being an adult mean

But our recent feature article about the future of magazine apps has given us pause to reflect on an uncomfortable truth: Ask a web developer and she will invariably start waxing poetic about hardware architecture, software frameworks and programming languages.

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Last year we attended a conference in San Francisco all about transmedia. We like to think of Sparksheet as a platform agnostic magazine.

What does platform agnostic mean to you? Let us know what you think in the comments below. Then you can carry that over to different platforms and decide if there is anything new to be added to the mix. Pieces of the story can be scattered across media platforms and that creates incentives for us to return to that content again and again, creating multiple touchpoints for brands but also creating an expanded canvas for storytellers to work on.

The story is not tied to one platform. It is in all media. Image by WayneKLin via Flickr. Brazilian storyteller and startup founder Mauricio Mota thinks the platform itself can shape how a transmedia story is told. Medical doctor and science journalist Ivan Oransky thinks it has pedagogical power, too.

Journalists have always reported, curated, edited and managed information in various ways, no matter what we called it. What has changed over time, as technology gives us more options, is how we display that information to readers, viewers and listeners.

Are we a genuine, platform-agnostic hour newsgathering operation or what? Guy climbs building at 1: Web staff is on the case. We publish the news at 3: We add new information as it becomes available. We mobilize Sewell Chan at 4: Good morning, New York. Image by jmm kazi via Flickr.

For content marketer and writer David Preece, being platform agnostic means being adaptive to the constantly shifting winds of mobile and web-based technologies, be they applications or hardware. Companies looking to sell to consumers or enterprises need to be creating content that can be easily adapted to any platform.

Like newsrooms, marketing needs to evolve from being focused on filling a specific platform to creating compelling content that fits in any bucket.

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About the Authors Sophie Woodrooffe was the editor of Sparksheet. Follow her on Twitter dswdrff. Our tendency in the U.Now, I realize that it mostly means being the reference person in some situations, also making choices and mistakes and being ready to assume our actions.

According to the law in Canada, I'm considered an adult at 18, but I think that the age cannot define what is an adult, since some old people act like young people and some teenagers, because . Feb 01,  · Basically it all boils down to this: Is being an adult coming to terms with what life is actually like (a.k.a.

What does being an adult mean

being realistic) or is it never giving up on your dreams (a.k.a. being optimistic. Please feel free to e-mail this article to a friend, a principal, a parent, a colleague, a teacher librarian, a college professor, a poet, a magician, a vendor, an artist, a juggler, a student, a news reporter or to anyone else you think might enjoy it.

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Jan 06,  · Being an adult means that you are aware that you and you alone, independently create your own reality. You know longer look to enjoy the protection and umbrella that your parents have provided.

You know longer feel the necessity to follow others your age because of peer pressure. We all want to be fat-adapted, to be able to burn body fat with ease, but what does it feel like? Here's how to tell if you're truly fat-adapted. William Sep 02, at PM “Being an adult” means taking responsibility for your actions and your decisions.

Column A is the “responsible” choice, column B is the “I’m a grown ass man, I .

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